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Why invest in Philadelphia?

With low cost, new jobs, and other benefits Philadelphia is ranked as one of the highest trendy and affordable cities in the U.S. The economy of Philadelphia is one of the most diverse in the country, with key business sectors including financial services, biotechnology and health care, information technology, trade and transportation, oil refining, and food processing.


Types of investments

Vich Properties takes pride in offering different structures for different investors. Taking the factors such as time, money and risk into consideration, we match the right investor with the right investment.



When it comes to growing your wealth, investments offer investors great potential along with risks. Investing in real estate tends to offer a long-term stability with lower risk over time. 



Depending on the investment structure, investors can be expected to hold the investment from as little as 12-16 months and up to a total of 5 years per investment.

Let's Work Together

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